5 technological advancements to be followed in 2021

As we know that technology is persistently penetrating our daily lives, from our phones to our kitchen juicers and grinders, we are enclosed by technological gadgets. From services to manufacturing industries. 88% of respondents of the services industry likely to adopt cloud computing technology.

Whereas information technology (IT) adoption showed prominency in 2020, 42% of the respondents answered using information technology.

Don’t know about which technological advancements to follow in 2021? Would these advancements will be lucrative for you or not? Will they have any future or not? So it’s time to tune you up by telling you about the five tech advancements of 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI):

Artificial intelligence is all about machines with human attributes. Human beings interact, develop emotions to certain stimuli. Just like that AI do speech recognition, develops intelligence similar to humans. It processes the data just like humans process the responses to stimuli, app navigation, smartphone assistants e.g Siri in Apple iPhones.

The AI market will grow to 190$ billion dollars by 2025, and in 2021 it will likely touch 57 billion dollars. Sophia robot the first robot to receive Saudi Arabian citizenship is also a product of Artificial intelligence.

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After artificial intelligence, comes 5G. Previous network services like 3G and 4G have changed our lives by using data-driven services, providing high internet speed, and many more. 5G services are expected to revolutionalize our lives by enabling the services of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

5G will also enable access to cloud-based gaming platforms like Google’s Stadia and Nvidia Geforce at any time and anywhere.

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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR):

Virtual reality is a technological advancement where the user is immersed in the digital environment where everything seems real. It’s like creating the physical world through computer technologies. It is used in gaming and the most important is that it is used excessively in training new pilots, where they gain the experience of flying aircraft virtually by operating virtual aircraft.

Augmented reality:

This tech is used to enhance the environment of the user through computer-generated elements. The example of this tech is showed in the Iron man’s series of Marvel. AR tools where one can also detect infections or warnings of the spread of the virus.

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As technology is getting pervasive every day, the need for cybersecurity is persistently increasing day by day. Due to the endangered cyber attacks on delicate information of the internet users involving their bank account numbers, their credit numbers, etc. As long as there are hackers the demand for cybersecurity will be there.

The number of cybersecurity jobs is three times increasing than tech jobs. So there is a propelling need for cybersecurity in 2021. 6 trillion dollars will be spent on it globally.

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Human augmentation:

Human augmentation is a broad word that refers to technological advancements that aim to boost human capabilities and productivity. Human augmentation includes physical enhancement such as prosthesis, AR lenses, and RFID chips implanted within individuals. This can help people improve their cognitive, perception, and action skills.

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In the year 2021, these technological advancements need to be followed. The mentioned technologies are somehow related to each other differently. If one will follow any of these advancements in the future will generate some lucrative amount of money.



A newbie writer, very much enthusiastic to write Currently an undergrad of business studies

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Muhammad Maaz

A newbie writer, very much enthusiastic to write Currently an undergrad of business studies